12B Magazine Final Project

Here is my finished project.  A little background, we were asked to pretend we were interning with LDS Church Magazines and our first project is to write and design a two-page magazine spread for the Ensign. The story I created was about balance and going back to basics by replenishing your spiritual well through prayer, scriptures and the Holy Ghost.  Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best way to go.  The design is crisp, clean and simplistic to match the story.    Below is the final print and video critique.

12ASusan Ruske Mag Final Jpeg2



Several weeks ago, I created the story, sketches and shape map for this magazine spread.  This week, I tweaked a few items and came up with a slightly different design than the original.  I chose two images, when placed together, show waves in the water.  This represents Christ’s Living Water which we are all in need of in our lives.  The text went from one column on page one into two columns to make the spread look more uniform.  I made the title bigger than all the other text and put a blue color on it.  Then I took the first letter in the first paragraph, increased the font and made it blue, along with the three subtitles.

Video Critique

After the previous critiques from the 12A draft, I got rid of the widows, smoothed out some of the left wave pixels  and tried adding in some design elements and even changing graphics.  After spending a few more hours dealing with the domino effect, I decided I liked the spread better the way it was.  It’s crisp, clean and simplistic, just like the story.

Original Sketch

Best Sketch

Shape Map

12AShape Map

Color Scheme

I used a blue monochromatic color scheme with the images and text.


Title is Oldstyle in Rockwell Extra Bold. Changed from Times New Roman.

Text is Sans Serif in Arial and subtitles in Arial Black.




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