12A Magazine Spread Draft Critique

We were asked to pretend we were interning with LDS Church Magazines and our first project is to write and design a two-page magazine spread for the Ensign. The story I came up with was about replenishing your spiritual well through prayer, scriptures and the Holy Ghost was written about a young woman, but applies to everyone. The first step in my Magazine Layout was to create some sketches and a shape map. By doing this, I can easily come up with several different ideas, then narrow it down the one I would like to use. I started off with four sketches (below) and then took my favorite one (A) and built a shape map in InDesign. The black boxes are where the text will go, and I went ahead and used the images I wanted in place of image boxes. I added some design notes. I started out way different and evolved into this revised draft.

Final Draft

12ASusan Ruske Mag Final Jpeg2


Shape Map and Sketches

12AShape Map 2
12A Sketches A and B
Best Sketch



I decided on Sketch A.  Mine is a simplistic and clean draft.  Although I love the vibrant colors of some, I chose to make mine more like the articles in the July 2015 Ensign.  I played around with different shapes and figures, but decided my message was that of getting back to basics, so my design would follow suit.


Julie Peterson, my instructor, said she liked simplicity.  She suggested –  keeping the double columns consistent, Correcting the second page the last column which was creating a tangent, shrinking down the font size and getting rid of the widow in the first paragraph and maybe add a design element.  I had a video chat with Ben Harper this morning and another one this evening with Cristy Crawford and Jessica Ashton.  Ben suggested going to two columns on each page.  The link to Cristy and Jessica’s chat is https://youtu.be/-GZaxO2o2e4.  I also spoke with Sam Merrell over Google HOA, but forgot to record it.  I changed columns to two per page, lost the widows and tangents and placed a light line down the middle of the page.  I chose to leave the font and not add anymore design because I felt really good about my simple design going well with the message.


Tiltle is Oldstyle in Rockwell Extra Bold.

Text is Sans Serif in Arial and subtitles in Arial Black.





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