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For this assignment, we were to pretend that we just landed a new job and your manager asked you to create a creative and fun movie poster to introduce yourself to the employees at the next staff meeting. One catch was, we had to be in the starring role and have the movie poster reflect something about us.

I chose Twister with a unique preparedness touch. I live in Texas and we used experienced Tropical Storm Bill the week before. If you live here for any amount of time you know you should always keep on hand your 72 hour kit which includes flashlights, batteries, bottled water and dry goods for 3 days. I would like to teach this through the continuing education in our community.


I found a nice background with a tornado and blended it with a cutout of myself I took specifically for this project. My husband actually suggested the idea when I told him about my project. He saved me this week because the doctor to me to rest all week because I had fluid in my lungs and coughed a lot. I was able to run with the idea and put it together well. As my peers suggested, there were things I could have done to have enhanced it, but I am very proud of how it came out. I did play around with changing to a blue box, but the colors were off.


Our instructor, Julie Peterson, liked the cutout of myself and said it was done well. She suggested to add some depth with the burn tool and darken areas. She suggested moving the Names of the Stars above the title and spelling out the opening date.  I did move the names around and burned the edges to darken the background and give it great contrast. For this project, not only did I spell out the opening date, I also centered it. A movie poster is one of the exceptions for centering in design.

Daysi Castro-Lopez said, “What a great Idea I think you have a great project going you might want to check the clarity it looks a bit blurry but that should be a quick fix.” Actually the blur is how a tornado does appear, so I darkened the edges to define it more.

Kayce Clawson Benzon mentioned, “I like your images with your title and description. They work great together. Maybe make “Prepare the day” a little smaller and closer to the bottom on Twister.” And Travis McGarrah said, “I wonder what type of font you could fine to help add some flavor to the movie title. Maybe some fun font. Also, if there is a way to change the grey where the text is to match the blue in the cloud, I think it would tie it all in together.” I had been really ill this week with a bronchial infection and had to take some breathing treatments, so as fun as it would have been to do more, I did the best I could for this week.


Body – SF Movie Poster Bold – Decorative . I consider this more decorative because movie script fonts have very unique properties for this special purpose.

Title – Credits – Segeo UI Italic – Sans Serif. I chose a bold sans serif to make the title stand out.

Image Source

Tornado background – https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQxPWym7sRidcRH7oMdZngXbcKhpB2DCdDexDwYrnTeCSkqmjVxdw



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