Perspective of 12


For this assignment, I had some fun. The objective was to photograph one object or subject using 12 different perspectives. I decided the most fun I could have would be to photograph a Disney water globe I was given as a Christmas present. It is so colorful. It’s whimsical and full of great angles all around.

I am very pleased with the different views which came out of the photo shoots. The fun part about this is there are 3D characters hanging all over the ship. This is no ordinary decoration. The pirate ship is 11” from the figurehead of the bow to the stern, 13” high from the water to the main topmast and 8” deep. This is a heavy object. I increased the lighting and the clarity in different areas. I used the lens to get closer or farther away and even took one from the ground which is hard to do. The blacks were deepened. This took a lot more time to apply all the effects, but I believe they all turned out well for not being a photographer.

Set Sail Collage


My collage begins in Lightroom where I did brightness and contrast. Then I used Photoshop to touch up each photo. The top left is a full shot of the water globe on the port side. I used a bright light indoors since Houston was pouring rain from Tropical Bill. The top right side is Cinderella as the figurehead with Stitch hanging on feeling the wind on his face. I sharpened Cinderella and some of the lines, clarified and blurred around the edges. The middle left finds Bambi hiding in the back of the ship, leading into the photo. I sharpened his face so he got be seen better and clarified the picture. The middle center photo is the Disney Authenticity tag. This is the only photo I took away the surrounding background by masking the figure. I sharpened and lightened the shadow hanging over it. The middle right is a portrait shoot of Belle, the Beast, Bambi and Thumper. I had to darken this photo because I used more light to take this shot. The sharpening tool really brought the details out in Belle’s face. The bottom left shot of Jasmine and Aladdin, Genie and the water creates a Rule of Thirds. And the Bottom Center is Mickey and Donald inside the water globe with glitter floating all around. I did sharpen their faces to see them more clearly. I finished up my collage by naming it Set Sail using a script, Lucinda Calligraphy. After the critiques, I changed the background from black to ultra-blue color, including the white behind the Disney Authenticity image.



Fauna is on the on the port side of the ship. I used some touch up paint to improve her one eye. On her face I used an inner glow after sharpening. The waves have glitter, so I used an outer glow to help them shimmer and embossed the photo. You can see the detail of the ship’s planks and ladder. The bottom is lined with waves and she has a tiny wand. Fauna is leading into the photo.



Dopey was hidden behind the main topmast pole. I sharpened his face and blurred the surrounding areas, but left the steering wheel to be in between the two.

Genie Lamp


For this photo, I sharpened Jasmine and Aladdin’s faces. The genie lamp was sharpened and highlight to bring out the lamp more. Our heroes are leading into the genie’s hand. While I blurred the background behind them.



This is an under shot of the port side of the ship. Dumbo’s ear span a large portion of the photo. One can see the 3D effects taken into making this figure. I touched the characters up with sharpening so the details would pop more and softly blurred the background.



Merryweather was taken up close to focus on her face and the details in the bottom of her dress. By sharpening her face, it looked a little scary, so I used the Artifact Suppression to smooth it out. The background was blurred so the bottom details of her dress and shoes would pop out.

Looking Down on the Front of the Ship


My final photo is of the front of the ship looking down above it. I blended red and used a gradient map overlay to create this one. With the figure having so much color and adding the red it now appears to almost be a black and white photo. If you look closely, you can see the red.


Julie Peterson, our instructor, shared the following “I know you have done a ton of Disney related items. I like the color of the images and some have really strong lighting good job. I would take a few of them into Lightroom and lighten them up some so there is more balance. The top left image and bottom right image have slivers and need to be bummed up and over in their box. The top left image looks a little blurry, it needs a stronger focus. Did you take the middle image? It is looking a little out of place, because it does not have the same background as the other images, it also does not look like it is clipped in a box. Other than that it looks great.”

I did take the middle image of the Disney Authenticity. I took all of them with two different cameras. I cut out the background, but when I paste it in there, the white background is a hair longer. It was on the water part, so it had a darker white, glitter background. I thought it was best to get rid of it. The wind up key was casting a slight shadow over the word “Store”, so I lightened it up quite a bit which took away some of the bronze color.

My other critique came from Sam Preston Merrell who commented, “I would move your title to be together and not so far apart. Proximity really helps with flow! You might want to consider using a different color for the background instead of black, since you have a fun and “light” subject! Just a thought!”

I took her advice about changing the background color. I didn’t feel like there was room to move the title and I liked it the way it was. And I matched up all the boxes so there were no gaps.  On the Disney Authenticity, I changed the background color to conform better to the rest of the photo.


2 thoughts on “Perspective of 12

  1. I love that you took these pictures! I love disney and I’m jealous that you have this! Your pictures are very clear and I like all of the angles you did. It’s not boring, and its fun to look at!


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