8A Social Media Marketing Project

Preparedness Mickey-1

Preparedness Mickey Program Infographic

Company: Preparedness Mickey

Objective: Bring education to elementary school children about what to
do in an emergency and give them the confidence to act with
their very own 72 hour survival backpack.

Strategy: To create an info graphic about Preparedness Mickey to bring
awareness to gain exposure on Facebook to help the schools
welcome the program with open arms and to get a 72 hour
backpack in the hand of every child armed with the knowledge of
what to do in an emergency.

Process: As I thought about creating an info graphic, an idea I had
several years ago kept coming back to me. Preparedness
Mickey is an emergency preparedness program I created to be
presented in school to children. There are so many natural and
man-made disasters. Living in the South, we experience hurricanes.
Having watched the devastation of hurricanes, fires, tornadoes,
flooding and other unexpected emergencies, I recognized a need
that was not being met, which would make all the difference in the
world to the evacuees.

If the children could be taught what to do in an emergency situation
and have a 72 hour survival kit ready to grab and leave, it would help
tremendously during the critical evacuation period. I wanted to be able
to give each child a Mickey backpack full of essential items for a 72 hour
kit. This could be sponsored by Disney and the American Red Cross
because they both have an interest in theses children’s futures. Mickey
Mouse and Disney are someone children recognize and trust. After an
emergency, children need familiar things around them and they need to
feel comforted. I grabbed a Mickey backpack and made changes in
Photoshop. I used the Disney lettering for recognition by children.
I credited Red Cross with their role in an emergency effort. I took the
statistics I found for last week’s research. My call to action was to
Donate or be an Advocate on social media to get the news out about
the Preparedness Mickey program.

Critique: Julie Peterson, my instructor, commented to watch my elements
and text that was getting too close to the edge. My leading was
inconsistent in the copy, sometimes you have extra space and
sometimes not, it is setting off the flow of the copy. It is feeling a
little text heavy, is there a way to cut out some of the text and add
more visuals? The more images or symbols the more interesting.
Avoid centering body copy. Colors were great and easy to
understand. She loved the alignment on the right with everything
so nicely aligned and strait!

A classmate, Kayce Benzon, wrote she loved the yellow, black and red.
They make a great contrast and those colors go well together in defining
Disney. Great incentive and offer. Such a cute kid picture. All of your
images are well placed. Nice work. Your work has always been
consistently beautiful. Cristy Crawford, another classmate, said the
design is great over all. The first thing she noticed was that the M in
Mickey overlaps with the dot on the I. She suggested changing the font
in Preparedness to the same as your text to provide some contrast.
She like the bright colors…very attention grabbing. Great work.

I did change the leading on Mickey so it looked better. Preparedness
is a part of the brand name, so I left it alone. I trimmed down my text
and added more graphics. I left aligned the text and pictures in the
circles. And I pulled everything away from the edges slightly and gave
the lettering at the bottom more space.

Image Sources:
Mickey Backpack – http://ps1.jelfis.com/f1/12536-b12_mickey_backpack_1.jpg
Boy with Backpack – http://homebyhank.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Boy-with-Backpack.gif
Mickey Ears – http://i415.photobucket.com/albums/pp232/jtanddolly/Games/MickeyHeadBlack.jpg
American Red Cross – http://media.marketwire.com/attachments/201208/50162_PRAARCBillboard.JPG
Mickey and Ears – http://mycargopk.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/disney-mickey-head-images-mickey-mouse—online-coloring-pages-princess-coloring-pictures.jpg
Small Mickey – http://cliparts.co/cliparts/8cz/KXx/8czKXxAKi.gif
Font Name/Category: Title is Decorative Script – Waltograph from Disney and Body Copy is Sans Serif in Arial.


3 thoughts on “8A Social Media Marketing Project

  1. I loved your infographic I think that’s a great program to implement because as you mentioned there is a need for this. I loved the color that you chose since it is a program that will be geared for children, the fonts are great and I especially liked the alignment you used with the blue circles on the left. You provide all the information needed without being too wordy I think you did a great job!
    Sample work by https://seivdesign.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/wendys-infographic.jpeg


  2. This final design turned out great Susan! I like the changes that you made from the critiques that you received. I notice how you moved the elements and fixed the leading and eliminated some text to open up your design. I also like your font, color palate and alignment. Great revision! You can see my social media marketing project at the following link!
    – Jessica 🙂


    • I love this idea! This was very creative of you to think of this. This would be perfect for children and will make them want to learn about prepardness.I like the colors you used and the font was on point with the font Disney uses! One think I would change is the picture of mickey with yellow eyes.


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