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This is the first step of the final two page spread in InDesign at the end of the semester.  My audience are the women of the church who lead very busy lives and give and give, but neglect themselves without realizing they need to keep a balance in their lives at all times.  Most women I know give selflessly to their families and to those around them, but they are so busy they forget they themselves need to recharge once in a while.  All of us need a gentle reminder to keep going back to the basics of the gospel to keep everything in good working order. I’ve posted my story, along with a couple of images and my best sketch.

Story – Back to Basics

As a young mother, Sarah thought she was doing everything right. Married a young man who was a returned missionary. They were sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. As the years rolled by, their family increased until there were six beautiful children. Being Super Mom, she volunteered at her children’s school, served in community and served in her callings. What Sarah did not realize was she did not take time for herself in her busy life. She gave and gave of her time. But when a water well gives and gives buckets of water, unless there is a new supply of water coming into the well, eventually the well will become dry. To Sarah’s surprise, it happened to her. She was blindsided. What she didn’t realize was she should have been replenishing the well of her spiritual reserves alongside while she was using her spiritual strengths. Being too busy serving others was not enough without strengthening herself first. Had Sarah taken the time to replenish her spiritual well, she never would have become overwhelmed and hit a road block. A deep feeling of being overwhelmed set in and Sarah feel into a depression. She thought she had done everything right. How did this happen? How was she to get out of this pit she fell into? There’s only one answer. We go back to basics of the gospel and rebuild.


We each need to take the time every day to have a personal one on one talk with the Savior. How often do you truly talk with Him? Sharing your hopes and dreams, fears and disappointments. What about the concerns for your family? If anyone can help enlighten your mind with the correct answers, that person would be the Lord. He knows us and the desires of our hearts because he created each of us and He follows our lives very closely. Why you might ask? Because loves us and wants us to be happy. If ever there came a problem to solve, who better to help than the Lord himself! He knows the right decisions and can help persuade us on the right course. He knows how others will be affected and if the choice truly is the best one for us. So talk with Him as you would your best friend. Honestly, He should be your best friend.


Reading the scriptures daily is essential. Not hit and miss, but a regular routine. As we come to understand the scriptures, we can see how we can apply the principles the Lord taught into our own lives. The Book of Mormon was written for us in these latter-days. Dive in and see for yourself why! Make the scriptures come alive for you. “To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) We need to understand there truly is a time for different things and at different times of our lives. We were not meant to be Super Mom and do everything at once. How exhausting to keep up with yourself. We need to pace ourselves and plan things out. Find balance and use it to your advantage by making that balance a strength.

Holy Ghost

Ask for the Holy Ghost to be your constant companion. Do you pray before you begin your school work each day? The Holy Ghost is not only the Comforter, he enlightens our mind, prompts us to take action, whispers a still, small voice to help us avoid danger and so much more. He truly is our constant companion, but only through worthiness. By having the Holy Ghost with us, our countenance shines. We appear to have a glow about us. People can see a difference in your eyes. We become a good example that people come to depend upon. Our testimonies are strengthened. Even with all the turmoil of the world around us, we have peace within our spirit and radiate that to others. Our level of confidence improves and we move forward in faith.
When we feel our lives getting off the path we want to follow, then we must stop and reevaluate where we are and what it will take to get back on the correct path. Getting back to basics helps us strengthen our testimonies. With that renewed light, we can go forth and be confident that the Holy Ghost is helping us say the right words when we speak. Lehi once shared the vision of his dream to help us understand that it is our choice to carry on and keep moving forward. The spacious building of the world will always be there. We have to fortify ourselves so what others may do or say does not move us from our place in pursuing the righteous path. We read our scriptures for spiritual fuel, we say our prayers for talking with the Lord and we trust in the guidance of the Holy Ghost to help keep us on the righteous path. We replenish our spiritual wells by going back to the basics of the gospel and reinforcing the truths we know and live by. Next time life gets too busy, Sarah will be ready by fortifying her spirit and so will you.

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4 thoughts on “7A Magazine Spread Content

  1. Susan, I love your story. It is put together and flows really well. The images you chose will go well in your spread. I like how you have a subtitle to each of your steps. It helps the reader to know what is next. You could give this as a talk in church! There are a couple of typos that I noticed, but otherwise it looks great.
    Here’s the link to mine: https://luckeyducks.wordpress.com/category/design/


  2. I love the message of your article. So often we feel like we aren’t good enough but keep pressing forward. We need to stop at times and take a look at all we do and are and give thanks for out Father in Heaven. We need to follow the basics of the gospel and feed our souls well. I like your article and the different points you bring up. Beautiful, clear photos. Very nice.
    Here is a link to Jim Farley’s blog. He had done some great work too. https://jbfarleydesign.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/7a-magazine-content-sketches/comment-page-1/#comment-20


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