6A Slide Design Activity

Speaker’s Outline

Through A Child’s Eyes

• When I was a little girl
• Family garden
• Through A Child’s Eyes with the help of Walt Disney

Teach How To Work

• Chores
• Why important
• Life skills -Doing the little things

Paint a Picture

• Integrity and ownership
• Education is your job to help you prepare for the future.
• Disney University – Do jobs better and in a cheerful way
Disney understood that creativity without structure and discipline had little value.
Other companies like IBM and Microsoft wanted trained by Disney

If you can Dream, then you can Do

• Piano – Even though I was the one learning to play the piano, my entire family supported me to help me reach my dream.
• Imagineers – Allow to develop own creative ideas for improvements.
• Guest – Paying attention to the details is important.

Together – All for One and One for All
In a family, it helps when the burden is shared by everyone and doesn’t rest on only one person to get the job done all the time.

• Jake and the Neverland Pirates – Working together to accomplish something.
• Contribute their talent
• Help to accomplish the task – Everyone takes pride in working together.

Share Responsibility
Make sure that person has a memorable experience. At Disney, it doesn’t matter whose “job” it is to pick up a piece of trash. If Walt Disney saw a piece of trash on the ground, he would pick it up himself. It becomes everyone’s responsibility.

• Service projects –  Play Secret Santa for a family you know.

Practice, Practice, Practice!
At Disney, all employees are trained at the Disney University. There is one entire day of the training that is dedicated to the Disney traditions, which helps instill the company’s beliefs and core values. It is felt that practicing new skills will become a habit. The same happens with families. Continual working together through thick and thin instills pride for their accomplishments into everyone.

Make Your Elephant Fly

• Planning is essential – Breaking things down into smaller parts it makes it easier to do the task.
• Pay attention to detail – Means measuring results to ensure that the effort matches the outcome.

Working together teaches people responsibility and values through chores when they are young and working with others when they are older. I challenge you, whether young or old, to develop your skills of becoming a responsible person and holding to a higher standard of your values whether you work at home or in the corporate world. Not only will you be of value to others, but you will become someone others can depend upon.


6A Sketches
My message came from a talk I created myself. Through A Child’s Eyes teaches children how to work and why it is important. With the help of Walt Disney, children learn work can be fun and the burden can be lifted when we work together. Not only is it a lesson for young children, but also it’s a lesson that we each should practice throughout our lives. First I sketched out my design on paper. Then I took those ideas and began creating them in PowerPoint. I used a Triadic color scheme mainly of blue with some red and yellow. My white space was a light slate slate blue color. The fonts I used were Decorative Script in Waltograph which Disney uses and a Sans Serif in Arial for the body copy. The majority of photos I used were from our last vacation with some of our grandchildren. I chose this Disney themed presentation because Disney catches a child’s eye and they listen to what is being said, so maybe, just maybe they will hear and understand my message about learning to work and why.

Critique Process:
I received a video critique from my instructor, Julie Peterson, who said I should chance the background to more of a transparency to lighten it. She suggested to use contrasting fonts with the wording and spoke of a very individual points which needed revisited. After I tweaked my design, I sent a copy back to her by email and she said she “love(d) the contrast type, this is perfect. I love the background too, it is not competing with the images or type. Love it Susan. The only suggestion I have is some of the texts are aligned with the images and some are not. For example The last two slides. Some are really close, but just a little off, so double check all slides.”
Callie Meyet said in the COMM 125 Discussion Board, “First off, I love Disney! I really like the playful background you chose, it’s very subtle which is great. I love Disney font, but it was challenging to read. Does it come not all capitalized? I don’t know exactly the rules or suggestions, but maybe it’s the first letter of the sentence in Disney font then the rest in another? I don’t know, but overall I think it’s great!”
Color Scheme: Triadic – Blue, Red and Yellow
Fonts: Title is Decorative Script – Waltograph from Disney and Body Copy is Sans Serif in Arial.
Links to Images:
Most were from Personal Family Photos.
Mickey Sorcerer’s Apprentice – http://comicsmedia.ign.com/comics/image/article/612/612190/toybox2005512-02_1115870266.jpg
Frozen Sketches – http://mytravelingtheword.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/walt-disney-animation-movies-list.jpg
Dumbo – http://aywvacations.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/la-fi-disney-wrist-bands-20130126-001-600×390.jpeg


3 thoughts on “6A Slide Design Activity

  1. Susan, Thanks for your critique on my slide show blog. I am glad you provided me with a link to yours. The background was perfect and I loved the Disney font that you used. It really tied the piece together.


  2. I loved the Disney theme that underlined all of your slides. I enjoyed the photos you included, especially those personal photos. It added a unique touch. The message you conveyed was clear and concise, and very timely I might add. It also had an element of fun which should definitely be an aspect of work throughout our lives.

    Another presentation you might enjoy is from Lynn: https://luckeyducks.wordpress.com/2015/05/29/power-point-project/


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