Event Flier Project

No Empty Chair Flier
No Empty Chair Flier
5A Screen Shot
5A Screen Shot

Process: My message was to support that no one needs to go hungry with the help of the Boy Scouts and the local Food Bank, our sponsor. Boy Scout Troop 1083 passed out the flyer previously to several neighborhoods where said they would be collecting canned and nonperishable boxed goods on Saturday, October 14, 2015 from 10am to 2pm. All our audience, the residents, had to do was leave the items on their front porch for pick up. The donations would be brought to the local food bank, Katy Christian Ministries, who would then pass out the food to those in need, our benefactors. My color scheme was Triadic – Red, Blue and Yellow. The image of the chair had the golden yellow color and got the message across about no empty chairs at the dinner table. I used red in the title, which is a Sans Serif, Arial font. For the body text, I used Oldstyle in New Times Roman in the blue. The Boy Scout logo also carries the red, white and blue in the design. I created this in a word document, created a pdf, then converter the pdf into a jpeg. The design is simple, the message straight to the point and the end results are priceless to those in need.
Critique Process: I received a video critique from Sister Peterson. Her comments were to make the body copy larger and use less leading. Move the logo up some and align it with the words, “Boy Scout Troop 1083 Food Drive”. She also suggested different ways to tweak the title. One way was to make the word “NO” bolder and all caps and change the font. I also received a critique from Lynn Reese via Facebook. Lynn said she really like this design! The picture went well with the theme and she liked the typography styles. One suggestion she had was to not overlap the title with the chair. Sister Peterson spoke about this too. Matt Seivert also replied on Facebook that he thought the overlapping worked, but it depends on if it is solid or not. It would be good to increase the size of the text at the bottom, which may require the blue box to be bigger. I thought my finish product was a good example of most of everyone’s suggestions.
Color Scheme: Triadic – Red, Blue and Yellow
Fonts: Title- Sans Serif in Arial and the Body Copy- Oldstyle in Times New Roman.
Link to image:

The Boy Scout Logo’s link is:

The chair image link is: http://beautifulkitchensblog.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/venice-chairs.jpg






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