Tasteful Typography Project



Screen Shot of Project

Bluebonnet Screenshot in Word-1

Process: I found the image I wanted to use on the web in segullah.org. I originally was thinking of a family bluebonnet picture, but wanted to make sure it was large enough and had the space for the quote. The quote came from the Guide to the Scriptures under Angels. I had studied in my religion classes that the General Authorities were saying that we do not talk enough about Angels. When I ran across this definition during Mother’s Day, I knew I wanted to use it. I knew the bright blue and clouds would be perfect for a quote about Angels. My audience was believers of Christ. I wanted to remind people there are Angels here helping each one of us. I then opened the image and placed it into Microsoft Word. From there I made different text boxes to go on the image, as well as a design element. I made sure the appropriate contrast between my title and my body copy both in color, size, and font. There’s so much to grasp, I missed it the first time, but after struggling inputting my post, I reread the materials and found I needed to take my PDF file, and download the converter programs so I could convert the PDF into a JPEG. After that discovery, everything fell into place. I hope you enjoy Angels!

Critique Report: Received critique from Sister Peterson who said my title needs to be larger and my body copy should align diagonal. Received comments also from Rebecca Garcia and Callie Meyet. They both said my line under Angels seemed to have no place to go and looked lost. Rebecca thought the blue font was too much, but Sister Peterson mentioned she liked it. I enlarged the word Angels and aligned the title, line shape and body diagonally. I actually hadn’t realized I used two different Script fonts in the title, but I really think they complement each other well.

Link to Image: http://segullah.org/category/daily-special/page/2/

Font Name/Category: Title in Script: “A” Brush Script MT & rest of title is Script MT Bold
Body Copy: Sans Serif, Arial



3 thoughts on “Tasteful Typography Project

  1. Just beautiful and so calming. The font style for the title and the title compliment each other nicely. The slanted alignment of your copy looks cool and leads my eye down to the bright flowers. The brightness of your pictures makes the flowers look beautiful and almost light they have a little deep glow to them. Great work!
    This is the link to my blog if your want to check out my project : https://kaycedilla.wordpress.com/2015/05/13/tasteful-typography-assignment/


  2. The contrast between the deep blue of the flowers and the blue sky is beautiful. The green of the leaves really pops between the blue hues. I like your choice for the script font in your title and the alignment of the text is interesting. It you shifted the ‘Angels’ to the right a little bit it almost looks like the shape of wings. I’d appreciate if you took a few minutes to check out my blog as well: https://jbfarleydesign.wordpress.com/


  3. Love what you did with the slanted alignment. Looking at it now, I really like the blue. I’m not sure why I thought it was to dark before, but I noticed when I looked at my own project on a different computer everything seemed a little brighter. Perhaps the brightness settings on my computer were just a little too dark. Either way, it looks great.


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