Final Portfolio


For my final portfolio, I needed to go through all my creations for the semester and arrange them into a Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow Presentation.  Once the pictures and titles were arranged, I placed the PDF of the finished product into Slideshare and created a web based presentation which I could then insert into my blog.  This allows me to showcase my work to anyone.  The first and last slides are of a slightly different design, they act as an Introduction or the Attention Getter, and then the Conclusion as a Challenge to Take Action by contacting me at my Linked In account, which also displays my resume.  They are also printed in black ink and have a diagonal slant down the page.  All of the image slide “Titles” are aligned on the left side of the title is aligned with the top ruler mark 6 and the bottom edge is aligned with the bottom edge of the image. This creates consistency throughout the design.  My design element is underlining each title.   The slides have a certain style about them as they go from large pictures down to small, then back up to large again as they advance through the slideshow.


Julie Peterson, my instructor, commented: “Ha ha, half expected it to by Disney! Everything looks great, except a couple of changes:

-Webpage, the project is very pixelated, maybe save it as a higher quality jpg
-ON the cover and the end slide, I would group the text together to improve the proximity.
PS. I love your tag lines!

I have managed to misplace the original .psd file of the webpage design, so this is the best I’ve got and it was a required component.
I did go in and change the proximity to the cover and end slides, they look great! Julie has been a wonderful instructor and her weekly class video meetings have been priceless.

Comment from cas12037 says:

“Susan, Your slide project looks great I like how you used a background that suited all your images. I like that it looks like a desk, so it does not take away from your images. Your projects are great and your placement of typography gives the whole project unity. Also liked the repeating black bar on the bottom it keeps everything flowing nicely.”

I tried to make the presentation flow well. I measures each title to be exactly the same distance from the left side of the page and kept the top to be level with the top of the image on the page for consistency. As for the semester, I learned a lot. I am so thankful to have a nice portfolio to share.

No matter what, you have to find balance in all areas of your life. There is always room for improvement, but there are also deadlines to meet. The trick is to do what you love and love what you are doing. This portfolio was a lot of, but also a lot of fun creating.

Added Bonus

Here is the video I created after completing my online internship with the Healthy Marriage Institute.  I’m including this on my blog portfolio for potential employers to view.  I created a slideshow using the design elements I learned in this class and had to record audio to talk about my internship.


12B Magazine Final Project

Here is my finished project.  A little background, we were asked to pretend we were interning with LDS Church Magazines and our first project is to write and design a two-page magazine spread for the Ensign. The story I created was about balance and going back to basics by replenishing your spiritual well through prayer, scriptures and the Holy Ghost.  Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best way to go.  The design is crisp, clean and simplistic to match the story.    Below is the final print and video critique.

12ASusan Ruske Mag Final Jpeg2



Several weeks ago, I created the story, sketches and shape map for this magazine spread.  This week, I tweaked a few items and came up with a slightly different design than the original.  I chose two images, when placed together, show waves in the water.  This represents Christ’s Living Water which we are all in need of in our lives.  The text went from one column on page one into two columns to make the spread look more uniform.  I made the title bigger than all the other text and put a blue color on it.  Then I took the first letter in the first paragraph, increased the font and made it blue, along with the three subtitles.

Video Critique

After the previous critiques from the 12A draft, I got rid of the widows, smoothed out some of the left wave pixels  and tried adding in some design elements and even changing graphics.  After spending a few more hours dealing with the domino effect, I decided I liked the spread better the way it was.  It’s crisp, clean and simplistic, just like the story.

Original Sketch

Best Sketch

Shape Map

12AShape Map

Color Scheme

I used a blue monochromatic color scheme with the images and text.


Title is Oldstyle in Rockwell Extra Bold. Changed from Times New Roman.

Text is Sans Serif in Arial and subtitles in Arial Black.



12A Magazine Spread Draft Critique

We were asked to pretend we were interning with LDS Church Magazines and our first project is to write and design a two-page magazine spread for the Ensign. The story I came up with was about replenishing your spiritual well through prayer, scriptures and the Holy Ghost was written about a young woman, but applies to everyone. The first step in my Magazine Layout was to create some sketches and a shape map. By doing this, I can easily come up with several different ideas, then narrow it down the one I would like to use. I started off with four sketches (below) and then took my favorite one (A) and built a shape map in InDesign. The black boxes are where the text will go, and I went ahead and used the images I wanted in place of image boxes. I added some design notes. I started out way different and evolved into this revised draft.

Final Draft

12ASusan Ruske Mag Final Jpeg2


Shape Map and Sketches

12AShape Map 2
12A Sketches A and B
Best Sketch



I decided on Sketch A.  Mine is a simplistic and clean draft.  Although I love the vibrant colors of some, I chose to make mine more like the articles in the July 2015 Ensign.  I played around with different shapes and figures, but decided my message was that of getting back to basics, so my design would follow suit.


Julie Peterson, my instructor, said she liked simplicity.  She suggested –  keeping the double columns consistent, Correcting the second page the last column which was creating a tangent, shrinking down the font size and getting rid of the widow in the first paragraph and maybe add a design element.  I had a video chat with Ben Harper this morning and another one this evening with Cristy Crawford and Jessica Ashton.  Ben suggested going to two columns on each page.  The link to Cristy and Jessica’s chat is  I also spoke with Sam Merrell over Google HOA, but forgot to record it.  I changed columns to two per page, lost the widows and tangents and placed a light line down the middle of the page.  I chose to leave the font and not add anymore design because I felt really good about my simple design going well with the message.


Tiltle is Oldstyle in Rockwell Extra Bold.

Text is Sans Serif in Arial and subtitles in Arial Black.




11A Webpage Layout Project



Shape Map

11A_ShapeMap_Susan Ruske



11A_ Sketch_SusanRuske



I started out with about 6 sketches.  Then I created my Shape Map.  The original one was not cooperating, so I recreated it so the shapes would stand out more.  I used a grid layer which is now hidden.  I started when one design and after critiques it evolved slightly different.  I really like how the picture collages stand out and separate the header from the footer.  My links are strung across the top and bottom of the page appropriately.  I created a small Texas logo and copyrighted my design.  The theme I chose was Relationships.  No matter what kind of relationship a person wants, the only way to accomplish this is by investing your time and communicate positively with the other person or group of people.


For my instructor, Julie Peterson, she said, ” I love The background and the images, the typography looks great. The images are good quality. The main things I would change is making sure you’re holding shift when you’re resizing your images, Some of the images are out of proportion. Make sure that you are releasing your mouse before you release the shift button when your resizing that will make a difference as well. And it looks like you’re trying to go for the asymmetrical look, but it’s feeling a little unbalanced. What if you made one of those images large and taking up the majority of the space and three of the images small right below it? Remember do you shapes and clip your images in there and you can make One image really long. Play around with that and if you need me to critique it again let me know.”

From my classmate, Matt Sievert, “I like the design. Maybe try and contrast the different sections. Maybe it’s just because it’s in a picture and not on a website but I feel like your different sections (top, body, footer) aren’t defined. Also you may want to add some text in between the photos”

I did change the picture layout around and ended with more of 2 two collages.  I added a quick thought about communication and time.  I understand Matt’s thoughts on the sections, but i really like it this way and feel they do well.

Color Scheme

I used a blue monotone color scheme which carried over in the pictures slightly and added a gradient.


On the Title I used a slab serif ~ Calisto MT Bold 6 pts.  One the links I used a sans serif ~ Arial Narrow 3.31 pts. and in the footer I used the same sans serif ~ Arial Narrow 2 pts.




[ File # csp5474137, License # 2646595 ] Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement ( (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / 4774344sean(




Portrait of happy business team interacting in the office(


10A Movie Poster



YouTube Video


For this assignment, we were to pretend that we just landed a new job and your manager asked you to create a creative and fun movie poster to introduce yourself to the employees at the next staff meeting. One catch was, we had to be in the starring role and have the movie poster reflect something about us.

I chose Twister with a unique preparedness touch. I live in Texas and we used experienced Tropical Storm Bill the week before. If you live here for any amount of time you know you should always keep on hand your 72 hour kit which includes flashlights, batteries, bottled water and dry goods for 3 days. I would like to teach this through the continuing education in our community.


I found a nice background with a tornado and blended it with a cutout of myself I took specifically for this project. My husband actually suggested the idea when I told him about my project. He saved me this week because the doctor to me to rest all week because I had fluid in my lungs and coughed a lot. I was able to run with the idea and put it together well. As my peers suggested, there were things I could have done to have enhanced it, but I am very proud of how it came out. I did play around with changing to a blue box, but the colors were off.


Our instructor, Julie Peterson, liked the cutout of myself and said it was done well. She suggested to add some depth with the burn tool and darken areas. She suggested moving the Names of the Stars above the title and spelling out the opening date.  I did move the names around and burned the edges to darken the background and give it great contrast. For this project, not only did I spell out the opening date, I also centered it. A movie poster is one of the exceptions for centering in design.

Daysi Castro-Lopez said, “What a great Idea I think you have a great project going you might want to check the clarity it looks a bit blurry but that should be a quick fix.” Actually the blur is how a tornado does appear, so I darkened the edges to define it more.

Kayce Clawson Benzon mentioned, “I like your images with your title and description. They work great together. Maybe make “Prepare the day” a little smaller and closer to the bottom on Twister.” And Travis McGarrah said, “I wonder what type of font you could fine to help add some flavor to the movie title. Maybe some fun font. Also, if there is a way to change the grey where the text is to match the blue in the cloud, I think it would tie it all in together.” I had been really ill this week with a bronchial infection and had to take some breathing treatments, so as fun as it would have been to do more, I did the best I could for this week.


Body – SF Movie Poster Bold – Decorative . I consider this more decorative because movie script fonts have very unique properties for this special purpose.

Title – Credits – Segeo UI Italic – Sans Serif. I chose a bold sans serif to make the title stand out.

Image Source

Tornado background –


Perspective of 12


For this assignment, I had some fun. The objective was to photograph one object or subject using 12 different perspectives. I decided the most fun I could have would be to photograph a Disney water globe I was given as a Christmas present. It is so colorful. It’s whimsical and full of great angles all around.

I am very pleased with the different views which came out of the photo shoots. The fun part about this is there are 3D characters hanging all over the ship. This is no ordinary decoration. The pirate ship is 11” from the figurehead of the bow to the stern, 13” high from the water to the main topmast and 8” deep. This is a heavy object. I increased the lighting and the clarity in different areas. I used the lens to get closer or farther away and even took one from the ground which is hard to do. The blacks were deepened. This took a lot more time to apply all the effects, but I believe they all turned out well for not being a photographer.

Set Sail Collage


My collage begins in Lightroom where I did brightness and contrast. Then I used Photoshop to touch up each photo. The top left is a full shot of the water globe on the port side. I used a bright light indoors since Houston was pouring rain from Tropical Bill. The top right side is Cinderella as the figurehead with Stitch hanging on feeling the wind on his face. I sharpened Cinderella and some of the lines, clarified and blurred around the edges. The middle left finds Bambi hiding in the back of the ship, leading into the photo. I sharpened his face so he got be seen better and clarified the picture. The middle center photo is the Disney Authenticity tag. This is the only photo I took away the surrounding background by masking the figure. I sharpened and lightened the shadow hanging over it. The middle right is a portrait shoot of Belle, the Beast, Bambi and Thumper. I had to darken this photo because I used more light to take this shot. The sharpening tool really brought the details out in Belle’s face. The bottom left shot of Jasmine and Aladdin, Genie and the water creates a Rule of Thirds. And the Bottom Center is Mickey and Donald inside the water globe with glitter floating all around. I did sharpen their faces to see them more clearly. I finished up my collage by naming it Set Sail using a script, Lucinda Calligraphy. After the critiques, I changed the background from black to ultra-blue color, including the white behind the Disney Authenticity image.



Fauna is on the on the port side of the ship. I used some touch up paint to improve her one eye. On her face I used an inner glow after sharpening. The waves have glitter, so I used an outer glow to help them shimmer and embossed the photo. You can see the detail of the ship’s planks and ladder. The bottom is lined with waves and she has a tiny wand. Fauna is leading into the photo.



Dopey was hidden behind the main topmast pole. I sharpened his face and blurred the surrounding areas, but left the steering wheel to be in between the two.

Genie Lamp


For this photo, I sharpened Jasmine and Aladdin’s faces. The genie lamp was sharpened and highlight to bring out the lamp more. Our heroes are leading into the genie’s hand. While I blurred the background behind them.



This is an under shot of the port side of the ship. Dumbo’s ear span a large portion of the photo. One can see the 3D effects taken into making this figure. I touched the characters up with sharpening so the details would pop more and softly blurred the background.



Merryweather was taken up close to focus on her face and the details in the bottom of her dress. By sharpening her face, it looked a little scary, so I used the Artifact Suppression to smooth it out. The background was blurred so the bottom details of her dress and shoes would pop out.

Looking Down on the Front of the Ship


My final photo is of the front of the ship looking down above it. I blended red and used a gradient map overlay to create this one. With the figure having so much color and adding the red it now appears to almost be a black and white photo. If you look closely, you can see the red.


Julie Peterson, our instructor, shared the following “I know you have done a ton of Disney related items. I like the color of the images and some have really strong lighting good job. I would take a few of them into Lightroom and lighten them up some so there is more balance. The top left image and bottom right image have slivers and need to be bummed up and over in their box. The top left image looks a little blurry, it needs a stronger focus. Did you take the middle image? It is looking a little out of place, because it does not have the same background as the other images, it also does not look like it is clipped in a box. Other than that it looks great.”

I did take the middle image of the Disney Authenticity. I took all of them with two different cameras. I cut out the background, but when I paste it in there, the white background is a hair longer. It was on the water part, so it had a darker white, glitter background. I thought it was best to get rid of it. The wind up key was casting a slight shadow over the word “Store”, so I lightened it up quite a bit which took away some of the bronze color.

My other critique came from Sam Preston Merrell who commented, “I would move your title to be together and not so far apart. Proximity really helps with flow! You might want to consider using a different color for the background instead of black, since you have a fun and “light” subject! Just a thought!”

I took her advice about changing the background color. I didn’t feel like there was room to move the title and I liked it the way it was. And I matched up all the boxes so there were no gaps.  On the Disney Authenticity, I changed the background color to conform better to the rest of the photo.

LFC Photography Activity


Outdoor Light


Indoor Light


Foreground Focus


Background Focus

Rule in Thirds

Rule of Thirds


Lead Room

Photography is like designing. You start with an idea and make it into something real! Each shot, it is a new creation.
The outdoor image I took while visiting the San Diego Temple. The clouds were out on a sunny day. With the temple spire reaching to heaven. For the indoor shot, I took the Woman in prayer statue and focused on the detail in her face with the help of Lightroom and a slight shadow going behind her.
The foreground focus was the side profile of my husband’s face. If you look closely, you can see a mosquito under his jaw on the neck. The background focus pulls in the sign by the lake and the bark on the tree and more detail in the homes on the other side of the lake.
The Rule of Thirds photo shows my son on the left line, the waterfall on the right and the pool of water on the bottom third. The lead room shows a good example of how my son has room to continue to walk into the frame.
I imported all of my photos into Lightroom, tweaked them, gave them all a watermark and exported them back into my files.

8A Social Media Marketing Project

Preparedness Mickey-1

Preparedness Mickey Program Infographic

Company: Preparedness Mickey

Objective: Bring education to elementary school children about what to
do in an emergency and give them the confidence to act with
their very own 72 hour survival backpack.

Strategy: To create an info graphic about Preparedness Mickey to bring
awareness to gain exposure on Facebook to help the schools
welcome the program with open arms and to get a 72 hour
backpack in the hand of every child armed with the knowledge of
what to do in an emergency.

Process: As I thought about creating an info graphic, an idea I had
several years ago kept coming back to me. Preparedness
Mickey is an emergency preparedness program I created to be
presented in school to children. There are so many natural and
man-made disasters. Living in the South, we experience hurricanes.
Having watched the devastation of hurricanes, fires, tornadoes,
flooding and other unexpected emergencies, I recognized a need
that was not being met, which would make all the difference in the
world to the evacuees.

If the children could be taught what to do in an emergency situation
and have a 72 hour survival kit ready to grab and leave, it would help
tremendously during the critical evacuation period. I wanted to be able
to give each child a Mickey backpack full of essential items for a 72 hour
kit. This could be sponsored by Disney and the American Red Cross
because they both have an interest in theses children’s futures. Mickey
Mouse and Disney are someone children recognize and trust. After an
emergency, children need familiar things around them and they need to
feel comforted. I grabbed a Mickey backpack and made changes in
Photoshop. I used the Disney lettering for recognition by children.
I credited Red Cross with their role in an emergency effort. I took the
statistics I found for last week’s research. My call to action was to
Donate or be an Advocate on social media to get the news out about
the Preparedness Mickey program.

Critique: Julie Peterson, my instructor, commented to watch my elements
and text that was getting too close to the edge. My leading was
inconsistent in the copy, sometimes you have extra space and
sometimes not, it is setting off the flow of the copy. It is feeling a
little text heavy, is there a way to cut out some of the text and add
more visuals? The more images or symbols the more interesting.
Avoid centering body copy. Colors were great and easy to
understand. She loved the alignment on the right with everything
so nicely aligned and strait!

A classmate, Kayce Benzon, wrote she loved the yellow, black and red.
They make a great contrast and those colors go well together in defining
Disney. Great incentive and offer. Such a cute kid picture. All of your
images are well placed. Nice work. Your work has always been
consistently beautiful. Cristy Crawford, another classmate, said the
design is great over all. The first thing she noticed was that the M in
Mickey overlaps with the dot on the I. She suggested changing the font
in Preparedness to the same as your text to provide some contrast.
She like the bright colors…very attention grabbing. Great work.

I did change the leading on Mickey so it looked better. Preparedness
is a part of the brand name, so I left it alone. I trimmed down my text
and added more graphics. I left aligned the text and pictures in the
circles. And I pulled everything away from the edges slightly and gave
the lettering at the bottom more space.

Image Sources:
Mickey Backpack –
Boy with Backpack –
Mickey Ears –
American Red Cross –
Mickey and Ears –—online-coloring-pages-princess-coloring-pictures.jpg
Small Mickey –
Font Name/Category: Title is Decorative Script – Waltograph from Disney and Body Copy is Sans Serif in Arial.

7A Magazine Spread Content

This is the first step of the final two page spread in InDesign at the end of the semester.  My audience are the women of the church who lead very busy lives and give and give, but neglect themselves without realizing they need to keep a balance in their lives at all times.  Most women I know give selflessly to their families and to those around them, but they are so busy they forget they themselves need to recharge once in a while.  All of us need a gentle reminder to keep going back to the basics of the gospel to keep everything in good working order. I’ve posted my story, along with a couple of images and my best sketch.

Story – Back to Basics

As a young mother, Sarah thought she was doing everything right. Married a young man who was a returned missionary. They were sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. As the years rolled by, their family increased until there were six beautiful children. Being Super Mom, she volunteered at her children’s school, served in community and served in her callings. What Sarah did not realize was she did not take time for herself in her busy life. She gave and gave of her time. But when a water well gives and gives buckets of water, unless there is a new supply of water coming into the well, eventually the well will become dry. To Sarah’s surprise, it happened to her. She was blindsided. What she didn’t realize was she should have been replenishing the well of her spiritual reserves alongside while she was using her spiritual strengths. Being too busy serving others was not enough without strengthening herself first. Had Sarah taken the time to replenish her spiritual well, she never would have become overwhelmed and hit a road block. A deep feeling of being overwhelmed set in and Sarah feel into a depression. She thought she had done everything right. How did this happen? How was she to get out of this pit she fell into? There’s only one answer. We go back to basics of the gospel and rebuild.


We each need to take the time every day to have a personal one on one talk with the Savior. How often do you truly talk with Him? Sharing your hopes and dreams, fears and disappointments. What about the concerns for your family? If anyone can help enlighten your mind with the correct answers, that person would be the Lord. He knows us and the desires of our hearts because he created each of us and He follows our lives very closely. Why you might ask? Because loves us and wants us to be happy. If ever there came a problem to solve, who better to help than the Lord himself! He knows the right decisions and can help persuade us on the right course. He knows how others will be affected and if the choice truly is the best one for us. So talk with Him as you would your best friend. Honestly, He should be your best friend.


Reading the scriptures daily is essential. Not hit and miss, but a regular routine. As we come to understand the scriptures, we can see how we can apply the principles the Lord taught into our own lives. The Book of Mormon was written for us in these latter-days. Dive in and see for yourself why! Make the scriptures come alive for you. “To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) We need to understand there truly is a time for different things and at different times of our lives. We were not meant to be Super Mom and do everything at once. How exhausting to keep up with yourself. We need to pace ourselves and plan things out. Find balance and use it to your advantage by making that balance a strength.

Holy Ghost

Ask for the Holy Ghost to be your constant companion. Do you pray before you begin your school work each day? The Holy Ghost is not only the Comforter, he enlightens our mind, prompts us to take action, whispers a still, small voice to help us avoid danger and so much more. He truly is our constant companion, but only through worthiness. By having the Holy Ghost with us, our countenance shines. We appear to have a glow about us. People can see a difference in your eyes. We become a good example that people come to depend upon. Our testimonies are strengthened. Even with all the turmoil of the world around us, we have peace within our spirit and radiate that to others. Our level of confidence improves and we move forward in faith.
When we feel our lives getting off the path we want to follow, then we must stop and reevaluate where we are and what it will take to get back on the correct path. Getting back to basics helps us strengthen our testimonies. With that renewed light, we can go forth and be confident that the Holy Ghost is helping us say the right words when we speak. Lehi once shared the vision of his dream to help us understand that it is our choice to carry on and keep moving forward. The spacious building of the world will always be there. We have to fortify ourselves so what others may do or say does not move us from our place in pursuing the righteous path. We read our scriptures for spiritual fuel, we say our prayers for talking with the Lord and we trust in the guidance of the Holy Ghost to help keep us on the righteous path. We replenish our spiritual wells by going back to the basics of the gospel and reinforcing the truths we know and live by. Next time life gets too busy, Sarah will be ready by fortifying her spirit and so will you.

Favorite Sketch

Best Sketch

Both Sketches

Best Sketch 2 Sketches

Images for Spread

6A Slide Design Activity

Speaker’s Outline

Through A Child’s Eyes

• When I was a little girl
• Family garden
• Through A Child’s Eyes with the help of Walt Disney

Teach How To Work

• Chores
• Why important
• Life skills -Doing the little things

Paint a Picture

• Integrity and ownership
• Education is your job to help you prepare for the future.
• Disney University – Do jobs better and in a cheerful way
Disney understood that creativity without structure and discipline had little value.
Other companies like IBM and Microsoft wanted trained by Disney

If you can Dream, then you can Do

• Piano – Even though I was the one learning to play the piano, my entire family supported me to help me reach my dream.
• Imagineers – Allow to develop own creative ideas for improvements.
• Guest – Paying attention to the details is important.

Together – All for One and One for All
In a family, it helps when the burden is shared by everyone and doesn’t rest on only one person to get the job done all the time.

• Jake and the Neverland Pirates – Working together to accomplish something.
• Contribute their talent
• Help to accomplish the task – Everyone takes pride in working together.

Share Responsibility
Make sure that person has a memorable experience. At Disney, it doesn’t matter whose “job” it is to pick up a piece of trash. If Walt Disney saw a piece of trash on the ground, he would pick it up himself. It becomes everyone’s responsibility.

• Service projects –  Play Secret Santa for a family you know.

Practice, Practice, Practice!
At Disney, all employees are trained at the Disney University. There is one entire day of the training that is dedicated to the Disney traditions, which helps instill the company’s beliefs and core values. It is felt that practicing new skills will become a habit. The same happens with families. Continual working together through thick and thin instills pride for their accomplishments into everyone.

Make Your Elephant Fly

• Planning is essential – Breaking things down into smaller parts it makes it easier to do the task.
• Pay attention to detail – Means measuring results to ensure that the effort matches the outcome.

Working together teaches people responsibility and values through chores when they are young and working with others when they are older. I challenge you, whether young or old, to develop your skills of becoming a responsible person and holding to a higher standard of your values whether you work at home or in the corporate world. Not only will you be of value to others, but you will become someone others can depend upon.


6A Sketches
My message came from a talk I created myself. Through A Child’s Eyes teaches children how to work and why it is important. With the help of Walt Disney, children learn work can be fun and the burden can be lifted when we work together. Not only is it a lesson for young children, but also it’s a lesson that we each should practice throughout our lives. First I sketched out my design on paper. Then I took those ideas and began creating them in PowerPoint. I used a Triadic color scheme mainly of blue with some red and yellow. My white space was a light slate slate blue color. The fonts I used were Decorative Script in Waltograph which Disney uses and a Sans Serif in Arial for the body copy. The majority of photos I used were from our last vacation with some of our grandchildren. I chose this Disney themed presentation because Disney catches a child’s eye and they listen to what is being said, so maybe, just maybe they will hear and understand my message about learning to work and why.

Critique Process:
I received a video critique from my instructor, Julie Peterson, who said I should chance the background to more of a transparency to lighten it. She suggested to use contrasting fonts with the wording and spoke of a very individual points which needed revisited. After I tweaked my design, I sent a copy back to her by email and she said she “love(d) the contrast type, this is perfect. I love the background too, it is not competing with the images or type. Love it Susan. The only suggestion I have is some of the texts are aligned with the images and some are not. For example The last two slides. Some are really close, but just a little off, so double check all slides.”
Callie Meyet said in the COMM 125 Discussion Board, “First off, I love Disney! I really like the playful background you chose, it’s very subtle which is great. I love Disney font, but it was challenging to read. Does it come not all capitalized? I don’t know exactly the rules or suggestions, but maybe it’s the first letter of the sentence in Disney font then the rest in another? I don’t know, but overall I think it’s great!”
Color Scheme: Triadic – Blue, Red and Yellow
Fonts: Title is Decorative Script – Waltograph from Disney and Body Copy is Sans Serif in Arial.
Links to Images:
Most were from Personal Family Photos.
Mickey Sorcerer’s Apprentice –
Frozen Sketches –
Dumbo –×390.jpeg